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Why is bergamot tea called Earl Grey?

Tea with bergamot is especially popular in the CIS countries. People often buy this drink with the addition of a certain flavor that makes the taste significantly different from the classic look. Why is bergamot tea called Earl Grey? And it’s all about the history of the product. Unfortunately, it was not 100% possible to find out the … Read more

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Why is life so stressful?

he article does not replace a doctor’s appointment and cannot be used for self-diagnosis. Work, children, career, relationship difficulties – the list of sources of stress only gets longer over the years. And in moments of special experiences, the hypothalamus, the “checkpoint” of the brain, “turns on”. In tense situations, its task is to release stress hormones. At … Read more

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Why should I wear a mask?

Medical masks are barrier-type protective equipment. The function of the mask is to retain drops of moisture that are formed when coughing, sneezing, and in which there may be viruses that cause SARS and other respiratory diseases transmitted by airborne droplets. IMPORTANT! Masks are effective only in combination with other prevention methods (avoiding contact, frequent handwashing, disinfection … Read more

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Why is the pairwise testing method dangerous?

All texts are written by the texter according to a certain algorithm, which is stored in his head. This technique is not entirely convenient, and tedious. It would be nice if this algorithm was stored not in the head of the texter, but in a special code represented by some software. That is, you need … Read more

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