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Why You Should Employ Students

Numerous companies today are in search of qualified employees. Every year business becomes easier on the one hand, and more difficult on the other. So, for example, large or medium-sized businesses are given impressive loans without any problems, and some are even provided with tax holidays. All this makes you think about realizing the scale of your company / firm, but … Most often, a business depends on the work of a team. And if your team does not represent anything, then you also have no future. And many employers are wondering: “Is it worth hiring students or former students who have just graduated?”. Many of them are trying to find a good job, for example, a part-time job for students in Almaty – rabota.nur. Here the schedule is “flexible”, and the salary is not bad, and career growth. And what do you think about this?

Doubt whether to take students to work or not? Let’s look at a few factors about this…

1. “Clean slate” – the ability to create a specialist “for yourself”. When a student comes to work from the university, he obviously does not have any habits regarding the work process. It is very important. In fact, the employer can build such an employee who will work quickly, competently and accurately. Any student is a “foundation” that will have to be strengthened. This is the foundation you create, and this is what you will receive in the future;

2. Students are ideal for development. Usually, these young energetic people did not have pre-earnings, did not face such problems as “home-work-home-work” and so on. They have a “non-fuzzy” understanding of the entire workflow. They are engines of ideas that can be implemented in the company. Therefore, if you want to get a “fresh” opinion from a young specialist, choose students;

3. Student employment is profitable. Let’s just calculate that a full-time student has the opportunity to work no more than 4 hours a day. In this case, his rate will be equal to 50%. And to be honest: the amount of work supplied to your employees is solved by 70% in 4 hours. The rest of the time is surfing the Internet, active conversations at the workplace and much more. Students are always ready to prove themselves, so they often agree to take additional work at home if they do not have time to complete the given volumes in these 4 hours;

4. If your company is just getting started or has just opened, hiring a few students is vital. Why? In any case, you create a product. It can be a product or a service, it doesn’t matter. But who, if not a young man, will be able to independently evaluate it and give his own explanation. And it is from here that new ideas are born, which are very well implemented by leaders.

Work and students are absolutely 2 compatible concepts. It should be understood that the student is always “hungry” for money. The vast majority of modern parents (more than 70%) cannot provide their children with the necessary amounts for the same pocket expenses and much more. And if students have a real opportunity to earn money, they immediately take it and do everything so that this work lasts much longer. Indeed, today you pay them at least 50% of the rate (this is also money, believe me), and after graduation you will be able to employ a full-fledged qualified specialist who can either recommend himself or “reject”.
Good luck finding student workers!

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