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Why is the rose a symbol of England?

The rose is the symbol of Great Britain. But we are not talking about a simple rose, but a red color, inside of which there are white petals. If you understand in detail the modern symbol of this state, such a flower simply does not exist. There is much more political component in such a rose than modern floristry.

Why is the rose a symbol of England? The main reason for this lies in the history of the formation of the state. For many years, two eminent families belonging to the royal dynasty tried to fight for power in the country. It’s about Lancasters and Yorks. Two houses – two real rivals who were not going to succumb to each other’s pressure. The symbol of the Yorks was a snow-white rose, but the Lancasters – scarlet. It should be noted that initially the Lancasters used a red flower, but after the start of the war with the Yorks, they decided to opt for a scarlet shade, which actually opposed white.

The year was 1455, when the families started a terrible war among themselves, which eventually lasted 30 years. The Lancasters won, Henry the seventh took the crown. This man became the founder of the Tudors (a separate dynasty). It was he who made the rose the main symbol of England, which to this day uses its origins. As a result, the British use a white rose, the petals of which have a certain scarlet hue. After 2 years, the Yorkies tried to retake power, but they did not succeed.

Why the scarlet tint? Why did the Lancasters agree to go for it? It is the combination of colors that is the main issue. Literally 2 years before the end of the war between families, Henry the seventh promised members of parliament to marry an heiress from a warring family in order to get their support. Heinrich explained that he would take power not only by force, but would also be able to solve the problem with the people who did not want to come under his control by introducing one person from the members of the York family into power.

The symbol has undergone many changes over the years. A flower, for example, was repeatedly tried to add a stem, and then removed it again. The Scots completely complemented the rose with thistle, but it looks more natural and beautiful without it.

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