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Why is the chocolate bar called Snickers?

Both adults and children are familiar with this chocolate bar. It is incredibly tasty, healthy, perfectly satisfies hunger, and cheers up. The composition of snickers: milk chocolate, caramel, nuts, as well as a confection called nougat. As a matter of fact, this chocolate bar is from the same series as the notorious “Mars”, which is no less popular among lovers of sweets. Hence the conclusion follows that all these chocolate delights have a common origin, and are the creation of the world famous corporation Mars, Incorporated.

Let’s dive into history a bit. The founder of Mars Incorporated is Franklin Mars, a native of Hancock. As a boy, Franklin often watched the work of his mother, who was a pastry chef. This is what played a fundamental role in his future destiny. At the age of 19, Franklin became a sweets salesman, and by the age of 30 he had saved some money and opened his own candy and confectionery company, which was called “Mar-o-Bar”. Franklin used his home kitchen as a working room for the confectionery shop. This small workshop, which was also a store. The kitchen window was the showcase, and the window sill was the counter. The locals really liked the sweets they made and became extremely popular.

But the real popularity of the newly created company was brought by the Milky Way chocolate bar, the recipe of which was invented by Franklin while walking with his son around the city. The boy was heavily smeared with chocolate, which his father bought him at a local store. This prompted Franklin to the idea that chocolate should not be sold by weight, but in the form of tiles wrapped in foil. This is how the Milky Way chocolate bar was born, which is still very popular today.

However, as it turned out, this is not the only version of his appearance. It is possible that Franklin was asked by his son to make a chocolate bar that tastes like a chocolate cocktail. His father could not refuse him this and developed the Milky Way recipe. In 1923, the bar appeared on the shelves of local stores.

And this was not Franklin’s only invention. In the same 1930, he launched the Snickers chocolate bar, which became a real brand of his company. The root cause of its appearance was the opening in 1929 of a chocolate factory in Chicago, where Snickers began to be produced.

Where did such an original name come from? Everything is simple here. Franklin Mars had a pet horse named Snickers, after whom the candy bar was named. It included: caramel, peanuts, milk chocolate, nougat. However, the recipe has changed over time. So, for example, peanuts were replaced with seeds, almonds and even hazelnuts. At the same time, instead of the usual dark chocolate, its white counterpart was used.

However, the bar was not called Snickers everywhere. In England and Ireland, for example, it was called Marathon. Somewhat later, this chocolate masterpiece received worldwide recognition and became known as Snickers.

It was a tasty and inexpensive product, priced at 20 cents. According to the attached recipe, it was supposed to include 20 types of peanuts. Snickers was supplied to all countries of the world. The demand for it was incredibly high, so the Franklin factory produced up to 15 million bars daily. Only one Chicago factory produced more than five hundred pieces of Snickers within one minute. Approximately the same number of them were eaten in the same time.

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