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Why England UK?

In colloquial speech, people often use the words “England” and “Great Britain”. Often they mean the same thing, but in reality these regions have a significant difference. In order to understand it, you need to know what the UK is all about.

Let’s start with some geography. The British Isles are an archipelago. Its main components are Great Britain and Ireland. There are also a number of small islands, but it makes no sense to list everything.

What is Great Britain? This is the largest island of the above archipelago (visually representing the island). But if we consider the island from a political point of view, this is where the answer to the question of why England is Great Britain is formed. Legally, this is divided immediately into 3 parts: Scotland, England and Wales (this also includes a number of coastal islands). Scotland and Wales have their own separate parliament, which allows them to solve some economic and political issues on their own (these regions have certain rights or autonomy). But in England there is the main parliament, which decides the main issues of the whole of Great Britain.

People confuse England and Great Britain, or rather, they present these terms as a single one. In fact, this is not so, because England is only a part of Great Britain, which also includes Scotland and Wales. But in order to understand these subtleties, one should know geography. There is nothing wrong with this, but it is better to be aware in advance about this.

Also different concepts between the UK and Britain. Yes, there is a significant difference here too. Britain is part of the province that the Romans once managed to capture. And in this case we are talking about England and Wales. The UK is England, Wales and Scotland. That is, once upon a time, it was Scotland that managed to give a serious rebuff to the troops advancing on it. Interestingly, the old name of Great Britain is Caledonia.

With modern life, most of the population uses the term “England” for a reason. In principle, the bulk of people fly to England, because it is the main economic and cultural center with its capital in London. The main population is concentrated here (56 million out of 76 million of the entire island), it is here that all the most important political and economic issues are resolved. And most importantly: just recently, the UK gained full independence from the European Union, therefore it is an autonomous state.

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