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Who am I?

The films starring Jackie Chan can already be called masterpieces. This one is no exception, in fact, one of the best. As in any film where he plays a major role, there are a large number of dynamic scenes that lead to complete delight, because it is not always clear how he manages to pull off this or that trick, but his performance is always spectacular. He does them without the help of stuntmen, so he has already suffered over 3 thousand injuries during his film career.

The plot is well thought out, as are the dialogues and jokes. Undoubtedly, to pass by this film is a real sin. After watching it, you will not regret it, especially since it will drag you out for many hours of repeated viewings. It is also ideal for watching with the family, because the main character is well known to most parents.

Jackie plays the role of a secret agent. He is on a secret mission assigned by the state, but the helicopter is shot down. After the fall, the entire crew dies, but he remains alive. But it’s all about one significant problem – he loses his memory. Everyone benefits from deceiving him, confusing him so that he does not know again who he really is. Here lies the highlight of the storyline: what the main character will go through to find out the truth. The funniest part of the film is his attempts to remember who he is, in which his girlfriend will help him first.

Each film with Jackie is special, kind in its own way, although it is filled with fights, shootouts, but still there is some kind of love. An actor who really deserved world fame and appreciation.

Such films should be watched by everyone and without exception, no matter what genre you like, these films will be remembered by anyone, especially if you are a big fan of films with Jackie Chan.

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