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When Parenting Mistakes Occur

We all come from childhood. Only in childhood, a child is filled with the joy of life, confidence, skills and abilities to communicate with people, responsibility for their thoughts and actions.
A child in a family is work and responsibility

Not a single orphanage or boarding school, no matter how good it is, will give a feeling of a family, will not fill the atmosphere of a child’s being with warmth, care and love, which provide the foundation for his future life. Whatever the child, he needs love, protection and careful guidance through life. It is a great work and responsibility for parents to ensure the proper development of their child into a mature person.
Both mother and father must be ready for such work and understand that the appearance of a small person in the family will deprive or limit adults of some hobbies and pleasures in their lives. But so often in life it happens that caring for a child becomes an unexpected phenomenon in life, and even burdensome.
There is not always a reliable shoulder of the older generation, grandparents, who understand and take on some of the concerns for the development and upbringing of a small family member. Of course, it is necessary to plan the birth of a child when parents are ready to limit their interests and even aspirations in order to build a good foundation for the proper upbringing and development of the child, so that he can go through all the stages of growing up without painful problems and failures, so that he grows up as a person with dignity, which can be to be proud of, who will be both a friend and a support in the future. But if this does not work out in the end, parents can only blame themselves.

What is the lack of attention to the child

Even in the first year of life, you can see in a child the consequences of an inattentive attitude to the needs of the child. Restriction in communication, indifference or categorical prohibitions can lead to the appearance of a protest attitude to the requirements and even aggressive reactions. And it is not known how this will respond in the future.
A child with whom parents have no time to play, walk, help to learn the unknown, to whom they do not answer all his endless whys, do not read fairy tales, grows up without attention to himself in the family. Children perceive such an attitude as inattention to themselves, as a lack of love. They close in on their inner world. Deprived of the attention of relatives, a child will absorb from another world all impressions, habits, concepts, which can be of a negative quality. Any humiliation of a small person gives rise to a feeling of inferiority, which, depending on natural qualities, can manifest itself in increased anxiety, and in fears, in hysterical reactions. You can not humiliate the child, push away, be indifferent to his interests.

It is natural for a child to be proud of himself, and this is necessary for the development of personality. The sense of dignity of a small person helps to form adequate self-esteem and self-respect, which means that his future life will be wealthy.

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