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Superstition (1982)

The church parish of a small town brings with it huge troubles with real estate, it is there that brutal murders take place over time in the house that belonged to the community, and next to the building, people constantly drown in the Black Pond. Local authorities are putting forward a demand for the priests to deal with this or destroy this property. Then repairs begin there and the large family of church minister George Lehi is settled there. But the problems didn’t end there.

In this case, the Reverend David Thompson tries to find out more about the indicated place from the mentally ill old woman. She told him that there was a hostess there, whose son served, and also that the beginning of this story stretches from the time of 1692. Then Thompson decides to go to the old Catholic church, where he thinks to find out more about the history of this time. As it turned out, the people of that town, led by the priest Andrew Pike, executed the witch Elondra Sherek, but instead of burning her, they drowned her in a local pond.

While the priest is studying church records, police officer Sturgess is trying to find a missing boy named Justin. In addition, he learns that there are also secret rooms in the house. In fact, there is a room where the old woman’s son lives, and the corpses of several victims are kept. The inspector sends his employees with the arrested person to the station, and in the meantime he himself undertakes to inspect the place. At this time, he falls into the hands of a terrible killer, and then he takes and kills the minister’s wife Melinda, then George, their daughter Cheryl, and then a second daughter named Ann. Then Thompson pours a couple of canisters of gasoline into the pond and sets fire to the top. But he fails to destroy the witch who dragged him into the water…

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