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How to transfer a WordPress site to hosting?

Creating and testing a site on the WordPress engine is also available on a home PC when using a home web server in the form of a Denwer package . In any case, there comes a time when the results need to be presented already on the Internet, after which a problem arises in the form of transferring future content to the network.

. The first step is to reserve your domain. At his expense, the site will be remembered by visitors and search engines. This is more important than choosing a hosting provider, since the latter requires low cost and support for PHP/MySQL/Apache .

. When the network already has a domain and hosting, open your website on a PC , go to Settings from the administration panel and enter the received domain address there, and also create a backup of your website database. Ultimately, we should have a file with the .sql extension.

. After that, in the provider panel, you need to create a new database. She needs to give a name and copy the .sql file she made using the tools on the panel or through MyAdmin. In other words, this is called the SQL database recovery process .

. When the database is imported, we find the FTP client and server login data. As for login data, they are available from providers and include FTP server addresses , username and password, and IP address .

If you have data for authorization, in one client-FTP panel we open the main directory on the server, in the other – our WordPress root directory . It remains to copy all your files from the directory to the hosting. Since WP has quite a few small files, copying will take some time and connection speed will not play a role here.

At the end of the work, if the delegation of the site domain to the hosting addresses has passed, it will be possible to work online. Assigning DNS to new domains takes almost 12 hours, so don’t be in a hurry. If the instructions are followed correctly, the transfer is completed and nothing further needs to be done.

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