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How to set basic settings for iPhone?

This guide will help you reset your iPhone to factory settings and restore its functionality.

If the iPhone does not understand why it starts to hang, blunt and give strange things, or errors appear in running applications, then the device should be set to the basic settings that were prescribed by the manufacturer.

There are currently two solutions for this problem available to users. So, using the first method, you can do the factory settings without deleting all user content. That is, programs, contacts, music, documents, etc. will remain on the device. If you do everything according to the second method, all data will be reset and the smartphone will appear as out of the box. And of course, no data will remain here.

It is worth remembering that if you do your own iPhone reset , this is done solely at your own risk. Therefore, those who are not sure of the success of this procedure are advised to contact the service center. This is explained by the fact that some kind of breakdown can always occur, from which no one is insured.

The first method, in principle, does not need a detailed description. Simply open the settings menu, go to the General item, find Reset there and click on the reset all settings button. The procedure went through and if the phone still does not work as it should, you can try to use the next option.

Before doing this, remember that with a full reset, the phone will be cleared of all user data. So it is better to save all the necessary data on another medium before starting. In this case, we go to the same Settings, we are also looking for Reset there, but after that we select the button to completely delete content and settings. After that, the iPhone returns to the “out of the box” state .

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