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How to change the font in Android OS?

For those who want to change their base font to something else, with more pronounced italics or smoothness, you can use the advice below.

Before doing this, you should make sure you have root access .

It is also worth noting that changing the font is a good opportunity to make your device unique compared to others. If the installation is carried out incorrectly, there may be problems in the form of phone freezes or even the need to reflash it. If everything is done correctly, then there will be no problems due to the font. It will function properly and will not interfere with inconvenience.

. Let’s start by choosing the font you want. Here, however, its style is unimportant, but you need to understand that we need a file with its contents. The latter has the .ttf extension .

. If you have the necessary file, download an application that can change the font in the Android OS . It is better known as FontChangerv.apk. After downloading and installing it, the application can be launched, but this will not work yet. For its further work, the BusyBox Pro application is required .

. Naturally, BusyBox Pro should also be downloaded . You need to download its latest update.

. After installing these utilities, you should open the file manager (any available). With it, we find the
.fontchanger directory , which in most cases is located in the root folder.

. It will be hidden, so you should use the manager provided by root. After the directory is found, the downloaded .ttf fonts need to be copied from it.

. Turn on FontChangerv and follow the instructions that appear. Everything here is clear and detailed explanations are not required.

Important notes. Android can crash when changing the font, so after the procedure, you must definitely restart the device.

If you don’t like the new installed font, be sure to restart the system. After that, you can already put yourself a new one. If this is not done, then in the end, when you restart the system, it will crash.

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