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Back to the Future Part II (Back to the Future II)

When the first film, Back to the Future, became a breakneck success that came as a surprise even to the studio, there was talk of a sequel. Despite the end of the first part, where Marty and Doc go to the future, the film itself was not planned. However, four years later it came out – almost in the same composition.
Apart from Marty’s girlfriend, who was played by another actress, the main ensemble remained together.
Back to the Future 2 is the most ambitious film in the trilogy. Here our heroes travel to the future, to an alternate reality of the “present” and the past – once again changing the events of the first film. Moreover: simultaneously with the second part, the second one was filmed, which was released a year later.
So, Marty and Doc Brown go to the future, where trouble happens to his children. Doc, unable to stand aside, finds a quick solution to the problem, but something, as always, goes wrong.
The heroes find themselves in 2015, and everything looks completely different from what it is now. According to the creators themselves, they did not believe at all that by the 15th year we would use flying machines, but where would we be without them? Among the most iconic inventions are the hoverboard – a skateboard hovering in the air – and self-lacing boots.
The story is complicated and confusing – even too much for a continuation of such a film. But to us, the audience, everything is clearly explained, even by drawing a diagram. Like Marty, we’re confused. But, most importantly, it doesn’t get boring. Having solved the problem of his children, Marty finds himself in the present, where everything is much worse. It turns out that from the future to the eighties comes a list of all the sports scores of recent years. Because of this, Biff – Marty’s eternal enemy – becomes richer, and turns the city into a wasteland. The problem must be dealt with – but in the past.
The strengths of this part remain the same: it’s a crazy rollercoaster ride. The plot is impossible to predict, and at every turn the movie surprises. The special effects were very good for the time – especially the flying skateboard chase scene. The nice thing is that the film doesn’t look dated thanks to the very moderate use of special effects. It’s safe to say that few films from the science fiction of those years so well withstood the test … of time.
It was very surprising that the creators decided to shoot the second film at the same time as this film. At the time, it was a very bold decision. As a result, we got a whole trailer at the end of the film – the rarest thing in cinema.
Summing up, we can say that Robert Zemeckis gave us another classic. Of course, her contribution will be less – after all, it is very difficult to hit the second time – but the main charm of the first part is still there. Family, friends and adventure – it’s all there.

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