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Why is bergamot tea called Earl Grey?

Tea with bergamot is especially popular in the CIS countries. People often buy this drink with the addition of a certain flavor that makes the taste significantly different from the classic look. Why is bergamot tea called Earl Grey?

And it’s all about the history of the product. Unfortunately, it was not 100% possible to find out the exact version of tea development. History knows only a few legends, so let’s look at each in more detail.

The history of the emergence of black tea “Earl Gray” (tea with bergamot)

Legend #1

On the island of Ceylon (tea island) lived a certain Earl Gray. A very noble person, the owner of several plantations at once. He grew tea and resold all products to America and Europe. Such enjoyed particular success, the business was very profitable.

At one point, Gray, as usual, sent his ship to Europe, but he got into a storm along the way. There were bottles of bergamot oil next to bags of dried tea leaves. One of them spilled on the bags. As a result, the leaves got wet, and the sailors initially wanted to throw away the products. At the end of the trip, it was decided to delay their trip for a few days, correcting the appearance of the leaves (simply re-dried in the sun). The sailors tried the dried tea and were very pleased. They gave a new type of product to Gray to try, who also appreciated it. Further, dry tea leaves were specially mixed with bergamot oil.

Legend #2

An Indian Rajah had a very disobedient son. The boy often ran from home, but once he got lost in the jungle. An Englishman named Charles Gray accidentally found the boy, and as a token of gratitude he received tea leaves already processed with bergamot. Gray liked the drink, and after that he decided to bring it to other continents.

Legend #3

The most truthful legend is the option that Earl Gray, who lives in England, was a political figure. He loved adventure and tried to find some additional international connections for his country that could help them in the future.

Once Gray had to visit China. As a token of gratitude, he was presented with a box of black tea (bergamot has already been added to it). Upon arrival home, Gray treated his acquaintances, who were very influential people. Everyone appreciated the taste of the drink. The English secular society named tea after Earl Grey. For a certain time, England worked with China for the supply of large quantities of tea. At first it was transported to England, and from there to other countries. The United Kingdom was the first to try this delicious drink, and later earn money from it.

Earl Gray is a huge success around the world. It is bought and adored on all continents.

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