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Why is Belgian chocolate considered the best chocolate in the world?

Chocolate lovers can go on and on about the reasons why Belgian chocolate is considered the best chocolate in the world.

Belgium is a country that has its own culinary traditions. Belgians are lovers of good food. Speaking of Belgian desserts, it’s impossible not to talk about chocolate, a product that they have raised to a level that cannot be compared.

Chocolate is undoubtedly a delicious product, but the chocolatiers from Flanders and Brussels have made it even more perfect.

Let’s try to name some of the reasons why Belgian chocolate has become the main benchmark for the quality of this product.

  1. The quality of the ingredients.

The ingredients used in the chocolates from Brussels and Flanders undergo strict quality controls to ensure that only the best products are selected. The cocoa from which Belgian chocolate is made is grown in the equatorial zone. On different continents: in Africa, Central and South America, where the best environmental conditions for growing cocoa.

  1. Production Methods

Belgian chocolatiers are still in the middle of the 21st century retaining the practices and methods that have been in use since the 19th century. And you know what? They don’t need to be changed. They are largely responsible for the subtlety that characterizes Belgian chocolate desserts. We are talking about artisan processing, away from mechanized and mass industrial processes that detract from the quality of the product.

  1. Varied and traditional recipes

When it comes to making sweets, everything matters: you need the best ingredients, the finest technique, and a recipe that guarantees the perfect combination of all the elements. Belgian chocolate recipes are different from those used to make commercial chocolates sold in conventional stores.

The combination of all these reasons has elevated Belgian chocolate to an honorable first place.

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