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Why are people starving in Africa?

The urgency of problems in Africa raises a huge number of questions from people. The hottest continent today is in fact also the poorest. Various situations regularly occur here, thanks to which modern Europe is trying to save its inhabitants from problems of this kind. Why are people starving in Africa? What’s happening on the mainland? Why can’t the government provide its people with the most basic things? .

To date, a number of factors have formed, due to which Africa is in fact a poor and “disassembled” continent into pieces.

  1. Resources

Initially, it should be noted that Africa really has a huge potential. The continent hides simply cosmic volumes of various kinds of valuable resources:

  • diamonds;
  • oil;
  • gold;
  • platinum.

And we noted only a smaller part of what is present on the mainland today. Unfortunately, not a single resident of the region will say that such a potential somehow affects his life. Why? It’s all to blame – foreign influence, regular interference in the internal issues of the continent as a whole. Africa is actually controlled by other states that continue to fight among themselves for resources. More solid and wealthy countries make it clear that this is just a “third world” continent, which is clearly not capable of solving more serious and global problems.

  1. Government

The main problem of the continent is huge corruption. Probably, there is no more corrupt government in the world than on this continent. The African government is not interested in the local population raising their standard of living. In fact, all the finances that come to the continent come from the World Bank as humanitarian aid. But the most important thing is that all budget money does not reach the local population at all. The authorities are sawing the budget, and the banks do not punish them for it. Why? Africa has valuable resources (as mentioned above), so many countries are willing to pay a lot of money just to get a promising piece of land for the next development under their leadership.

  1. Education

The formed education system on the continent is far from ideal. Only about 20-30% of the total population can get a quality education. First of all, because there are no schools in the regions. They take children exclusively from more or less prosperous families, but even these children are not able to master and receive an adequate education. Local leaders do whatever they want. With illiterate people, you can do different things in your interests.

  1. Wars

In Africa, hostilities take place regularly. On the mainland, there was practically no time for a quiet period. Here they are constantly fighting, trying to show and tell something to each other by force. But the main thing is that one or the other side is supported by a more powerful state from Europe or America. In fact, all these wars deliberately create political instability in the region for the economic and financial benefit of someone.

  1. Climate

It is simply impossible to bypass the climate. Africa is literally divided in half by the equator. The lack of rain and unrealistically huge temperatures are a problem that the local population cannot cope with. What can be planted in the soil when the air temperature reaches 50-60 degrees? What can be grown if rains may not appear in the region for 5-6 months? All this significantly reduces productivity, and the local population is simply starving.

  1. Lack of technology and sale of land

The issue primarily concerns the government, which receives huge amounts of money from a number of states. The most fertile land is sold to more developed countries, which independently grow products for a penny, and the local population is forced to either work for a penny for a foreigner, or sit at home and die of hunger. And even if you leave some of the really high-quality lands for yourself, the African government will not be able to effectively manage them by 90%.

Why are people starving in Africa? Here everything directly depends on the current government. She is not interested in helping people. On the continent, the birth rate is too high, but at the same time, mortality and morbidity are growing every year. There is always not enough water here, people have nothing to eat, but the government authorities are not going to solve the issues. They just live for themselves.

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