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Why should I wear a mask?

Medical masks are barrier-type protective equipment. The function of the mask is to retain drops of moisture that are formed when coughing, sneezing, and in which there may be viruses that cause SARS and other respiratory diseases transmitted by airborne droplets.

IMPORTANT! Masks are effective only in combination with other prevention methods (avoiding contact, frequent handwashing, disinfection of objects), and the need for their use is different in different groups of people and in different situations.

First of all, masks are intended for those who are already sick: the mask retains most of the saliva of a coughing or sneezing person. Thus, significantly fewer viral particles enter the air and the risk of infection to others is reduced. In addition, the mask should be worn by people providing medical assistance to sick people and caring for them. Healthy people should use a mask when visiting public places, public transport.

IMPORTANT! After two or three hours of constant use, the mask must be changed. Disposable non-woven medical masks are not reusable or recyclable. At home, the used disposable medical mask must be placed in a separate bag, sealed tightly and only then thrown into the trash.

2 thoughts on “Why should I wear a mask?”

  1. Masks are recommended to wear if you experience any covid or flu symptoms to prevent spreading the illness. Also, it is smart to wear a mask when entering any medical facility. Lastly, it is recommended to wear masks if your immune system is compromised.

  2. Masks are still recommended.
    The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends wearing a well-fitted mask as part of a comprehensive ‘Do it all!’ approach to reducing COVID-19 transmission and saving lives.

    And while wearing a face mask is no longer mandatory in most indoor settings in Victoria, Australia, it’s still recommended, and people are still required to carry a mask at all times.

    Wearing a mask is strongly recommended if you’re around people who might be vulnerable to COVID-19 or if you can’t physically distance, including in outdoor settings. Remember, you may unknowingly be around someone who’s vulnerable to COVID-19.


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