2 thoughts on “Why should I wear a mask?”

  1. Masks are recommended to wear if you experience any covid or flu symptoms to prevent spreading the illness. Also, it is smart to wear a mask when entering any medical facility. Lastly, it is recommended to wear masks if your immune system is compromised.

  2. Masks are still recommended.
    The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends wearing a well-fitted mask as part of a comprehensive ‘Do it all!’ approach to reducing COVID-19 transmission and saving lives.

    And while wearing a face mask is no longer mandatory in most indoor settings in Victoria, Australia, it’s still recommended, and people are still required to carry a mask at all times.

    Wearing a mask is strongly recommended if you’re around people who might be vulnerable to COVID-19 or if you can’t physically distance, including in outdoor settings. Remember, you may unknowingly be around someone who’s vulnerable to COVID-19.


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