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If you find some items you want and I confirm that they are still available and I reserve them for you, these are the payment instructions:

1. When your reservation is confirmed, you will be sent the information on where to send payment and the expected charges for your order. (This is to prevent people from sending money before the items they want are reserved or the shipping charges are known. This has been a big problem in the past and I don't want any repeats.)

2. Once you know the amount, send the payment right away so that it arrives here within ten days. (We will make allowance for holidays and days when the postal service isn't operating.) After that period, the items will not be reserved and will be available to anybody again.

3. Payment options are PayPal, check or money order, and all are in U.S. Dollars. If not using PayPal, I recommend a POSTAL MONEY ORDER in US Dollars. These also work from Canada and some other countries who have agreements with the U.S. Postal Service. You can also pay by check or non-postal money order payable on a US bank in US Dollars. Shipping must be to the same address that appears on checks or non-postal money orders unless there is a good reason. Credit cards are not currently available.

4. Orders by PayPal will be shipped after our bank reports the PayPal transaction. We are a bit new to this PayPal world and so we hold orders until the payment process has been completed. Despite this, PayPal is the fastest method, particularly when ordering from outside the United States.

5. Orders paid by check OR by non-postal money order* will be held until the check/money order clears the bank, usually three to seven days after deposit. We will accept cash if you must, but I cannot be responsible if cash sent through the mail fails to safely arrive at the P.O. Box.

* Non-Postal money orders are no longer what they were, and unless you happen to send exactly the same type of money order that the given store here also issues, they will either not accept it, or will charge me 6% or more of its value to cash it. That's in addition to what you paid to purchase the money order in the first place. In some cases, a business that issues money orders won't cash the same type at all! (Kroger grocery stores and their Western Union Moneygrams fall in that category.) The alternative to the 6%+ penalty is to deposit a received money order in a bank, where it is treated like a check, and takes the same amount of time to process and clear as a check would. Regional brands of money orders vs a nationally known brand increase processing time and can exceed that of a check. Bottom line, non-postal money orders are deposited in a bank, and will take at least as long as a check to clear, if not longer.

6. If you wish to pay for shipping by sending us a pre-paid waybill for UPS or Fed-Ex (on paper or as e-mail attachment), that is acceptable. If you provide the shipping method, I won't charge you shipping (only a handling charge) and this is easier for cases where the items are larger or heavier than what the post office will take or that I am able to weigh.

7. For really large/heavy items such as those that may require being placed on a pallet, or restricted items that must be shipped via a freight carrier, please let us know who you are thinking of using so I can make sure that they will pick-up in this area. You will pay all charges for building a crate for the items, if this is required by the carrier. If yoy pay the carrier on delivery, I will charge only a handling fee (to get the items together for the shipper), along with the cost of the items.

8. There is a minimum charge of $10.00 per order for items. That is, if all the items that you want to buy total up to less than $10.00 (including shipping/handling), the order will still cost $10.00.

9. Shipping is computed as the expected charge the shipper will make based on the weight of the items, rounded up to the nearest pound, plus one or more pounds of packing materials, depending on the size of the combined items, and then the travel distance. If you provide your own shipping waybill to pick up at our door, there is no additional shipping charge, but there will be a handling charge. In addition, if I have to take the items more than three miles to reach the shipper that you have designated, then I will charge an additional $10 per 20lbs. (UPS/Fed-Ex/USPS are within three miles, so this does not apply if these carriers are used.)

10. Prices of items and shipping/handling rates are subject to change and become effective when posted.

11. Once payment is fully processed, I will ship out within a week or so. Sorry, but this sale will never pay the light bill so the real job has to come first.

As you may notice, I'm not getting rich here, and am just trying to not make this cost too much more than the materials, gas and my discounted time are worth.

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