The Big Garage Sale! The last chance at these items!

I have to get my garage back! And attic, and spare bed rooms, and closets...

Hello! This is probably one of the longer-running garage sales ever known, but then the quantity of items is pretty big and my time has been pretty limited. There is a lot of incentive to work on this now, so updates should be more frequent and I hope to be much more timely in responding to mail. So on to the commercial...

Welcome! These are mostly computer-related items that have been collected over the years, and the time has come for them to go to someone who is interested in that particular type of computer, is starting their own collection, needs parts, or whatever!

Many of the items are classic computers manufactured by Tandy/Radio Shack, or are accessories and parts related to those systems. Some items are the systems and components actually used by Tandy employees to do software development for these systems, and the equipment was retired after Tandy moved on to newer equipment or exited the business entirely.

There was a sizable quantity of parts from the Tandy National Parts and Tandy Business Products Parts depots, that they sold in bulk when they determined that they had excess quantities or when the period of obligation had passed for supporting this or that product. The number of these items remaining has been reduced considerably in the past several months, so please don't delay if these are items that you have an interest in.

There are also items completely unrelated to computers that came from one of the parts supply depot from Tandy/Radio Shack, or from office and factory floor surplus equipment, which Tandy would sell to employees from time to time.

Finally there is a category of items that have absolutely nothing to do with Tandy/Radio Shack, ranging from cases of barely-used S-VHS video tapes with sci-fi/fantasy programming on them, to test equipment, and books on diverse topics.

I realise that these items are of interest to a limited number of people, which is why I am providing this chance to get the items listed. If you see something you want, please ACT RIGHT AWAY. If an item is still hanging around after THREE MONTHS, it goes to e-bay, or into the trash or to a metals recycler. Only smaller items have been kept more than six months, and that time limit is about to fall to three months. The items price may or may not include the shipping costs (but this is shown on each item).

Some items have photographs, which may help you figure out what the item is, because I don't know what some items do or what computer or device they were meant for. For these mystery items, hopefully the photograph plus the description of markings found on the thing will help you decide if it is something that you are looking for, or has parts you can use for some other project.

I have been listing portions of the inventory, and as most of those items are sold (or I just scrap them), I list some new items. Subsequently, don't wait for all the pieces of machine X to appear at once - that probably won't happen. Get the items you want when they show up. Also, as items find new homes or get discarded, their absence will allow me access to the items that currently can't be physically reached! (See photos for proof of that issue.) So, check back to see updates with new items.

The date shown below indicates when updates have been made to the web page.

NOTICE: Devices that can be turned on have been turned on and photographed with at least the lights on and screen lit up (and I will note if the unit is known to not be working). However, I can't do exhaustive testing on these devices and parts, so ALL items are considered "AS IS" and there are no returns, no support and no refunds.

Categories of items for sale

Follow the links to pages of items which have been grouped in these catagories:
The last time items were added to the list occurred at: 6-Feb-2017 at 23:15 CST (-0600).
The last change (correction, quantity remaining change or item deletion) occurred at: 6-Feb-2017 at 23: CST (-0600)
Tandy/Radio Shack Original TRS-80 (Model I) Items
Tandy/Radio Shack TRS-80 Model III/4/4D/4P Items
Tandy/Radio Shack TRS-80 Model II/12/16/16B/6000 Items
Tandy/Radio Shack Computers not listed above
Computer peripherals (printers, modems, disk, tape and other storage systems, with tapes and media carttridges)
Tandy/Radio Shack Parts & Misc
Integrated Circuits and unprogrammed PALs
Misc Equipment (calibration equipment, in-circuit emulators, meters, etc)
Computer Manuals and related books
Network equipment (terminal servers, ethernet routers, ethernet switches)
RS-232-related equipment
Computer Software
Computer monitors, message boards and other displays
S-VHS video tapes (with programs)
Apple, Palm, DEC and other non-Tandy computer and equipment types and supplies (everything else)
Data Backup systems, drives and media (DLT, Iomega, Optical, other)

How to Reserve Items

If you see an item that you want, send e-mail immediately and provide ALL of this information:
If you live in the United States If you live in a different country
1. The item number or numbers that you want. 1. The item number or numbers that you want.
2. Your name. and reply e-mail address. 2. Your name. and reply e-mail address.
3. An e-mail address that works. 3. An e-mail address that works.
4. Your street address, city and state and ZIP code where the item(s) would be shipped, along with whether it is a residence or business address. (Sorry, but the shippers now require a full destination address before they will provide even an estimate of shipping cost.) 4. Your street address, city, country and any mail code for where the item(s) would be shipped, along with whether it is a residence or a business address. (Sorry, but the shippers now require a full destination address before they will provide even an estimate of shipping cost.)

The e-mail address for reserving items is ""

Once I receive your information, I will let you know which items are still available and tell you what the total cost will be. How shipping is handled depends on the item, and I will work with you on that. After confirming your request, I will hold the items for ten days, and if I have not received payment by then, the items you requested will be available to others or may be disposed of via other means. Please don't delay. I cannot spend months waiting for sales to complete, and if you wait too long, someone else or the electronics recycler will get the item.

Payment and Shipping Information

These are general notes on how charges are computed and what payment methods are available. You will be sent more details if you reserve any items.

Shipments will normally be from a shipper depot in Fort Worth Texas, 76133.

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