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#2001 Teletype Model 15 Teleprinter KSR, with paper tape punch/reader FREE with stipulations, read the description Combined >100 lbs
is a Teletype Model 15, with keyboard, punch and paper reader. It comes with the steel table/wiring panel that was part of the system, and original 120VAC to 120VDC rectifier for the current loop (real selenium rectifiers, so it is big and indestructable), plus a home brew rectifier someone built that does the job in a much smaller and simpler space using at least 1960s technology (vs 1930/1940s).

I obtained the unit from UTA back around 1980. It was one of a pair of units they had which had been given to them by the Navy. Supposedly they had been used in submarines, but I have absolutely no documentation to support that claim, although they would make excellent ballast. (With the table, they seem kind of big for such tight quarters.) I do not know what happened to the other unit.

Some information suggests the unit was built in 1943, while one date code in the inverter suggests that this part was made in 1953.

The unit works, and I built a current loop interface for a TRS-80 Model 4 to send/receive messages to it, although I used the more modern rectifier. The housing is in good shape for being 60-70 years old, all keycaps and external parts are present. There is a piece of broken glass in the window of the column counter on the paper tape punch. The tape reader also works, and I used it to transfer the contents of some paper tapes many years ago.

Note: The inverter in the lower right of the photo normaly goes in a shelf in the rear of the table.

The dimensions of the table are 2'x3'. The table is custom built to use with this equipment, with metal edges for the noise pad and holes for the wiring. The rear of the table has a shelf for the inverter, but also the fuse and interconnection panel for the various cables and plugs from the rectifier, typing/printing unit, reader and external connections. All of the "Teletype" and serial number plaques in the unit are in place. (There are at least four serial number plaques for the various sub-assemblies.)

Since the 1980s it has been stored in various garages, so it has been in dry and reasonable conditions, and has had the dust blown off or wiped off every five years or so.

Included is a photocopy of the service/operation manual for one of these written in Army-speak.

I would think this would be something of interest to any computer or military museum, or a museum specific to events between 1940 and 1968, which was about the time these were replaced widely with ASR33s. For example, someone suggested the 6th Floor Musuem (since such a device sent and received the news of the JFK assassination on the AP news wire on that day) might have an interest. However I don't have any contacts at such organizations to see if they might be interested.

I really don't want any money for this unit, but don't want to pay shipping nor see it go to the dump either. Subsequently, this is a "come and get it" or, depending on the situation, delivery within the immediate Dallas Fort Worth Texas metroplex.

My one stipulation is that the new owner takes everything that goes with it (including some rolls of paper) and one day if they no longer want it or don't have room to keep it, they make an effort to find a new home for it too, and don't just put it in the trash or in a place where it will end up in the trash.

The teleprinter is currently boxed-up for storage, but can be re-attached to the table and cables re-connected in under 20 minutes.

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